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Berkeley, Oakland, Castro Valley


I am excited to announce that I am now working to develop a high performance training in Berkeley for Operation Pride  Mon/Tue/Wed 4-6pm

720 Degree Products

Available for private lessons before and after this range.


Oakland - Private Court at a home on Skyline near Parkridge
Available midweek days, some early evenings.

Castro Valley - Private court at a club
Available midweek days, waiting list for Saturday lessons.

New rates take effect March 1st, 2014.  Sign up now and keep your rate through 2014.

Rates:  $70/hr for private lessons.  
Prepay for 6 lessons, save $35, prepay 10 save $70.

Daytime Special 10am-3pm  $60/hr

(subject to availability) 

Schedule subject to change due to organic nature of Tennis Growth.



 Bill Patton is one of the most experienced dedicated and skillful Tennis Coaches within 15 miles of Castro Valley.  Check out the Testimonials page.

* Great Listener-Individualized Coaching

* Lessons are based on principles and not tips.

*Super Slow Motion Camera



"Bill has a way of bringing people together", Kirsten P. 
"I met my newest closest friends through Tennis" Kate C.
"I can't believe the fun I am having playing great guys" Alex D.

We do player matching and support.

Depending on where you live we can help you get set up.

Connections with the latest websites and apps to find players.  

Please come for ONE
 lesson and then Bill becomes your consultant for life!