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Adult Tennis Programs
USTA Team Clinics


Skill - During the warm up phase of the first 15m, we introduce a new technique, and begin to develop a level of competency.  Clinic leader sets the agenda with feedback from the group.

Drill - Up to 30 minutes of drill time to practice and hone the skill in a live ball setting, points may be played out during this time.

Thrill - Warm up your serve quickly, because the second half of the clinic is doubles play, or if you are feeling spry one of our very entertaining clinic games can be played.  People are surprised at how much fun that can be with great learning too.  This time is taught, and Coach Bill interjects quick and understandable comments between points.

Private Lessons also available!

These programs can be delivered in Castro Valley, Oakland, or your Private Court.

Bill provides 90m and Two hour workouts, drills, strategy sessions for USTA Teams.  Your courts or mine. 

Special Clinics
Ladies Clinics - First Friday of the Month.  $90 split among participants.  Limited to 8 players.

Volley/Overhead Clinics - Same Pricing, arranged by appt.