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 “Bill Patton has not only helped me to become a better tennis player, but also a better person. From day one, he has always supported me and has always had my best interest in mind. He has been my tennis and life coach ever since I met him. From my experience of working with him, tennis players of all ages have never enjoyed playing tennis anywhere else more than being coached by Bill. I guarantee Bill will be a positive influence to your tennis game both technically and mentally. I trained previously with Tompkins Tennis, Sylvano’s Academy, Eagle/Fustar and Michael Jessup former ATP top 400 player.” 

Stephen Y.
Former #1 player at Mission San Jose
Two-Time MVAL Singles Champion
Captain of NCS Champions

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tennis instructor

Dear Bill,
I want to thank you for all your helpful tools, information and coaching you gave me to find my soul mate.  After putting my life values on paper and implementing them in, I have found someone that has 2 of my top 3 life values.  Well, he actually found me.

He is everything I wanted in a life partner and more.  He and I feel the same way about each other, have decided to be monogamous and he is taking me with him to a wedding in Mexico for Christmas.  I honestly believe your guidance helped me achieve my goals and I will now be happy the rest of my life.  I am not kidding.  

My daughter Gisele, who plays junior tennis championships in Brazil, spent three weeks in Castro Valley last summer and had a fantastic experience training with Bill. I was delighted to see how fast she improved with a tailor made program Bill structured for her. The customized program combined private lessons, hitting sessions and match plays with other campers, physical training and video analysis. Bill used his distinguished coaching expertise to help her improving the biomechanics of her strokes and the strategy of her game. I was happy to see how motivated and enthusiastic she was training every day with Bill. We are looking forward to repeating this experience next year!  

8/11/2014 "My had been introduced to the game and given strong fundamentals,  but Bill taught me the best possible technique for me.  Not only did he help me with strokes by a game plan that fit my skills and personality. Coach Patton also helped me to be a more focused person on court and off"  Geoff Lowe - #1 player Castro Valley High School 2004.
1/29/2014 "After talking with Bill, I learned very helpful information that I can use with my young players. As a new tennis coach I was very anxious to learn everything I could for the benefit of my team and Bill helped me think back to my days of a player and the drills I learned as well as learning new drills, tactics, and techniques to have a winning season, but more importantly how to use tennis to create great people." P.D.
1/18/2014 "My son and daughter were amazed at the lesson, where they could not believe how well they hit the ball.  My son loved the super slow motion camera, and my daughter loved how it was fun and you took the time to connect.  We definitely want to continue after this great first lesson"  K.M.  "Wow, thank you so much. YES, we want a series of six lessons"  R.S.
1/15/2014 "Thank you Bill for the time spent discussing my issues in life and how I see much more clearly how to attack them" M.G.
12/20/2013 "Bill's coaching supported me in getting clearer about what I want and don't want as I expand my life and my business. He helped me to identify my strengths and my resources, and to have more confidence in myself as a creator of my own destiny!"  G.C. 
I would recommend Infinite Coaching to anyone going through a tough time or who is just at a crossroads in their life. I had tried talking to friends, family members, and councilors, but no one did for me what Bill did. After a 2 hour session, I was able to look at my situation with better perspective, and I had tools to face what needed to be done. I would definitely uses his services again!
 11/26/2013  Bill is knowledgeable about all techniques, but most important is his gift of teaching. Thank you Bill, I have more MPH on my serve.  I would recommend him to high level players wanting to improve.  N.H.  4.5 strong singles woman
11/22/2013 It is great to talk with Bill about my music. He puts a lot of things in perspective. He helped me gain a clear path to take to achieve my goals. I left feeling motivated and ready to make my wishes a  reality.   A.D. 3.5 man
 11/22/2013  Not only is Bill Patton an accomplished tennis coach and radio host, he is also a very thoughtful life coach. In the two hours we spent on the phone, Bill helped me shape both short- and long-term goals and come up with a plan to reach them. He also helped me recognize the value in what I'm doing on a personal level and professional one and to re-work my internal dialogue to reflect that value. Lisa Goodman Stone, Atlanta, Ga. Author of Parentingaces.com


William Marshak
William Marshak
Publisher at What's Happening, Inc. - Tri-City Voice

Bill is well respected in the community and has had a powerful and positive influence on many people of all ages. It is evident that he has a well deserved, excellent reputation for a solid work ethic and attention to detail.

March 8, 2012, William was with another company when working with Bill at Patton School of Tennis







Jackelyn Ho
Jackelyn Ho
Nike Master Trainer at Nike

I had Bill has a coach back in 2004, and he was amazing. He knew exactly how to teach good form and technique, with "real-life" situations applied to it. For example, windy days on the court weren't a discouragement - it was an obstacle that could be easily overcome with a misleading lob! My favorite memory of Bill's tennis lessons were the last 5-10 minutes. He'd get all the players together to play an entertaining, but very educational tennis game. He showed me that tennis was a competitive sport, but you have to approach every game with a positive spirit. He always inspired and reminded us that in order to win, all we had to do was visualize that winning shot, and the game was ours. I can honestly say that Bill's great lessons and quirky anecdotes still stick with me today! 







Nathan Brand
Nathan Brand
Sr. Pastor Berean Community Chruch

Bill is a lifelong friend who has been great consultant on issues both professional and personal. Bill has the abilty to see the potential in others and can bring out the best in those he coaches and oversees. He also has a knack for asking insightful questions that brings clarity about an issue or matter. Also he is not afraid to ask the question(s) that everyone wants to ask but is afraid to. That is not to say that Bill looks to stir up the pot but He is a man who opperates with integrity. He is not a "yes man" who tells you just what he thinks you want to hear. Bill is a man who traffics in the truth.less

April 1, 2010, Nathan worked with Bill at Patton School of Tennis 












Issa Cohen
Issa Cohen
Cofounder - Open Journey Publishing

I had the privilege of teaching in Bill's tennis program at ClubSport San Ramon for 6 months. He is a leader who knows how to support others and bring out the best in them, whether it be a client or someone teaching under him. He provided me with the tools required to do an effective job, allowed me the space to work in a way that brought out the best in my individual talents, and provided guidance when he observed ways in which I could improve. He constantly encouraged me to develop professionally and shared industry study materials, without pressuring me to do what I was not ready for. Part of being a leader is knowing how to bring out the best in people around you, and I believe Bill does this very well. 

If I had to choose three words to describe Bill, they would be 'vision', 'integrity' and 'dedication'. He has the vision for how to achieve long-term success, the integrity to take a longer route if a shortcut means compromising quality or morals, and the dedication to work hard enough to achieve his goals. In my 20 years in the tennis industry I have met many people who can teach someone how to hit a ball over a net and achieve a higher score than the person on the other side. Bill is one of the few who does this and also understands that, more importantly, the game is a tool to teach lessons that can and should be applied to life off of the court. I highly recommend Bill for any position in the tennis industry and believe he would do an outstanding job.less

March 6, 2012, Issa reported to Bill at ClubSport San Ramon