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720 Degree Coaching


Powerful and Fearless Coaching
720 Degree Coaching is a collaborative experience,
one that launches people into new levels of success.

The Power of Your Subconscious Unleashed!

Bill serves as your dedicated listener, and creative helper to solve problems, overcome inertia, help with decisions, and whatever reason you may want coaching. Discover that there is nothing wrong with you, and you don't need fixing. Coaching helps you untangle the ball of string in your mind. 


You are invited to connect with Bill to receive a FREE two hour coaching session.  
Those coached by Bill have done the following:  Written their First Book and first Play.  Created a New Organization.  Made a difficult decision about relocating for work.  Found a compatible life partner after years of finding the wrong person. Made a decision whether to continue an organization that had outlived its personal usefulness to the founder. Reached new levels of athletic success.  Overcame math anxiety to learn high levels of Algebra and Calculus. Developed fearless goals for the first time.


Goal Setting Aligned with Values for True Power

Business/Success Coaching

Life Coaching

Math / Academic Coaching

Web Services Coaching

Coaching is by invitation or referral only. 

If you have an inquiry about the above,

Use the contact us page to send an email. 


If you WANT coaching, come and get it.  The intake session is FREE!